Why should you choose Han Sam SAT?

SAT 2300 Full Tuition Back Guarantee: Any student, regardless of GPA or previous SAT scores, who scores a 97% on Hansam's review quizzes (problems are taken DIRECTLY from your study packets), is guaranteed a 2300 on the actual exam or your money will be refunded to you 100%

Is a 2200 Possible With Only 2 Days of Study? Yes, it is. Two of our students from Las Vegas, Azaan and Aruhn (refer to High Score page), received scores of 2230 and 2250, respectively, after only two days of intense study. Success is not based on a student's length of study, but how thoroughly the student understands Hansam's materials.

All Students Guaranteed to Achieve at Least 2100 or Your Money is 100% Refunded! Any student, regardless of qualifications, who scores a 90% on Hansam's review quizzes (problems are taken DIRECTLY from your study packets), is guaranteed a 2100 on the actual exam or your money will be refunded to you 100%. See admissions

Hansam, Mastering the SAT in One Clean Term: There is no point in wasting time at an SAT academy at the expense of your more important GPA. Hansam utilizes its time efficiently, covering over 95% of all actual test problems. We give the most results in the shortest amount of time.

Where Do High-Scoring Oxford, Whitney, Cerritos and Kennedy Students Study? Many academies do not have high-scoring students from Whitney, Oxford, Cerritos, or Kennedy. Hansam has many because numerous Oxford and Whitney students study at Hansam.

Hansam, Everyone's Inevitable Choice: Many students who heard about Hansam ultimately came after several other academies failed to help them raise their scores to their desired levels

Han Sam Equals Improvement: Our job is to help you raise your SAT scores. We do that effectively. As you compare our results, programs, and even tuitions with other school, you will see that there is no better investment of your precious time and money if you want to improve your test scores

Our student recommendations: Who better to judge the value of a program than the participants? For a school to have dozens of enthusiastic recommendations from high-scoring students, we must be doing something right. Read the testimonials. Look at our scores at Whitney High School alone. Our satisfied customers are living proof of the effectiveness of our program.

Our guarantee Program: Whether you sign up for a Full Tuition Back Guarantee Contact or not, you get the benefit of this guarantee. All students receive the same effective instruction that allow us to conduct the Full Tuition Back Guarantee Program

Our SAT II Course: We currently offer SAT II Math IIC, Biology, and Chemistry. These courses feature the same personalized attention and gimmick-free instruction that has built our reputation and business in SAT I instruction.


We have created a comprehensive prep course that will address all the changes made in the new SAT I. A major change in the new exam is the replacement of the old verbal section with a new critical reading section, as well as the addition of a writing section. This new section tests students�� writing and grammar skills, similar to the SAT II writing test. We aim to cover all concepts and materials so students will be fully prepared, with nothing to surprise them on test day. Students in the new SAT I course will receive the most effective instruction in our proven results from real students, our original SAT I course provides the best foundation for students preparing for the NEW SAT I.